About Us

Located in Suburban Atlanta, GA, PCS Technology Consultants, LLC (PCS) is an independent technology consulting firm that offers high quality, affordable professional and consulting services for medium to large enterprise and government organizations across all industries.  With a focus in the areas of information technology and telecommunications solutions, we work with our clients to understand their business strategies, needs and objectives. Then our firm guides an organization toward achieving its goals and assists them in translating business needs and initiatives into cost-effective, innovative solutions.

For our clients, we develop a systematic approach to address their situation– assessment, research, solution design, and recommendation of the most reliable, cost effective products and services including hardware and software applications to ensure the most efficient technology solution is implemented. Partnering with our clients is critical during each engagement because our goal is also to assist organizations in achieving budgetary objectives while enhancing organizational productivity and achieving overall business objectives.

Building relationships with a number of leading vendors and solution partners allow our firm access to current information on industry technologies, products, services, pricing strategies, and actionable market intelligence. Therefore, we are able to effectively evaluate a wide range of technology options in order to recommend optimal and complete technology solutions.

Although we use the breadth of our solution partners accreditations to offer our clients choices, and a better level of services, we maintain an agnostic relationship which allows us to be unbiased when making recommendations to meat our clients objectives.

PCS’ core information technology and telecommunications consulting services are in four (4) primary categories:

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Why Hire Us

When exploring the pros and cons of hiring a consultant, here are some options:  You can…

  • Assign a Current Employee
  • Hire a New Employee
  • Hire Us!

The first two approaches can often bring their own problems, and they may not be the most cost effective ways to arrive at the best solution.  When faced with assigning or hiring new employees, you may not be able to find candidates with a high level of expertise, knowledge and understanding of the technology needed to successfully complete the task.

So why would you hire PCS Technology?  Below are some of the most compelling reasons…

Our consultants are experts:
You may already have an employee that can take on the assignment. However, can they do the job as quickly and efficiently as an expert who regularly confronts technical issues? The end result of hiring an industry expert is an overall savings in time and money – often with better results than if the job were performed in-house.

We are independent:
When an organization hires a consultant, it is hiring an independent contractor, not an employee. Consultants work closely with their Clients, and do not require direct supervision that employees performing similar tasks do. Most importantly, the Client controls payment – If a consultant doesn’t perform in accordance with the terms of the contract, a Client can withhold payment – or stop using that consultant.

You will have a flexible resource:
Most consultants are available on a moment’s notice. If an organization had to hire someone new, it could spend months to place ads, perform interviews, make a final selection, and bring a new employee on board. On the other hand, if the organization hires a consultant, it would simply place a phone call to a consultant who would be readily available.

There’s no long-term commitment:
When a consultant completes a project, he or she simply goes away. There is no two-week notice, no termination, no layoff, no severance pay, etc. Consultants do develop long-term relationships with organizations, however only when organizations desire long-term relationships. Conversely, when an employee completes a project, an organization may find itself scrambling to place the employee in another position.

When you total the costs of hiring an employee to take on a project versus hiring a consultant, often times a consultant proves to be more cost-effective. For example, an organization does not have to pay for health insurance, vacation time, taxes, 401(k) plans, or other benefits when it hires a consultant. These costs alone plus salaries could add-up to be three times the cost of assigning a consultant to a project.

Summary of Projects

Mid-sized Banking Institution

  • Conducted comprehensive audit on local & long distance voice services
  • Created detailed reports and graphs showing vendor cost comparisons
  • Client realized $500,000 in annual savings
Multi-location Non-profit

  • Conducted evaluation of telecom network, IT network & phone systems
  • Gathered, analyzed, and documented business needs from stakeholders & staff
  • Researched qualified vendors and developed RFP
  • Managed vendor selection process & made recommendations
  • Implemented solution resulting in $300,000 annual savings

Major Tier 1 Carrier

  • Contracted as liaison between IT, vendors and internal clients to analyze business needs and create innovative technical solutions
  • Defined project scope and ensured accurate translation into technical requirements
  • Member of project team to ensure system solution/applications are deployed to meet client’s needs and within budget
Federal Government Agency

  • Facilitated agency seeking to streamline manual telecom ordering and invoicing process
  • Elicited, analyzed, and documented business needs and challenges
  • Assessed, market researched, provided team return on investment and developed Statement of Work

City of Atlanta
African American Business Enterprise (AABE)
Female Business Enterprise (FBE)

Small Business Administration (SBA)
Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB)
Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business (EDWOSB)

Atlanta Public Schools
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Fulton County
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Georgia Department of Transportation
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification