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SD-WAN is rapidly changing the way companies manage communications. Our consultant team has experience with many of the leading SD-WAN vendors in the marketplace.

SD-WAN is one of the most advanced and fastest growing networking technologies in today’s market.

So “What is SD-WAN?”

SD-WAN is one of the most advanced and fastest growing networking technologies in today’s market.

So “What is SD-WAN?”

Overview of SD-WAN Evolution

SD-WAN is an acronym for software defined – wide area networking. Most IT professionals and staff have experience with a traditional wide area network (WAN), defined as a network that exists over a large geographical area and connects to smaller local area networks (LANs).  In addition, a WAN ensures that computers and users in one location can communicate with computers and users in other locations.

However, as enterprises move their back office support workloads, communication, collaboration, marketing, and sales solutions to the Cloud i.e. cloud-based SaaS solutions, organizations are realizing measurable savings in time, money and less exposure to human-error.

Hence, the adoption of SD-WAN is a direct result of the rise in businesses moving more of their applications to the Cloud.

In an SD-WAN environment, implementation of changes or updates is done automatically so that users are completely unaware of the impact on their application usage.  Network issues are automatically corrected based on quality metrics with little to no performance degradation versus in a traditional WAN environment.

How is SD-WAN Implemented?        

SD-WAN creates an overlay on top of your existing network and combines traditional transport connections with inexpensive broadband. Then SD-WAN dynamically and intelligently routes network traffic like voice, video, data, and cloud applications wherever it is needed across less expensive routes. This automated process improves overall network performance and simplified remote network management and control.

SD-WAN, Cloud & Network Services

Manage Your Entire Corporate IT Environment from Remote Location

SD-Wan technology

Exploring Potential Benefits of SD-WAN

  • Automated routing decisions optimizing the use of available networks, maximizing performance and allowing network traffic to run over less expensive network facilities
  • Allow businesses to segment their network traffic across broadband vs. more expensive services like MPLS
  • Reduce or eliminate MPLS costs
  • Capture network and application performance metrics & analytics for visibility monitoring, measuring, and optimization of overall network performance
  • Provide remote office locations, secure connectivity across multiple communications channels and business applications
  • Reduce infrastructure costs
  • Ability to mix and match or switch carriers depending on available bandwidth; not carrier dependent
  • Accelerate and simplify adding locations & services
  • Central control and management of policies, network services and applications across corporate landscape
  • Improve Internet security and reliability

Here's What we do

Since the inception of SD-WAN, our consultant team began researching, advising and deploying SD-WAN solutions by engaging with various leading edge vendors and working with firms that embraced the technology to improve their network performance and security.

  1. We consult with our clients to understand their corporate vision, goals and objectives as it relates to technology.
  2. Our consultants blend their deep technology experience and knowledge of SD-WAN technology when working with our customers. We conduct SD-WAN market research and evaluations to understand the difference between vendors' solutions to ensure our recommendations are in alignment with clients’ business needs and objectives.
  3. Determine businesses’ short and long-term technology goals and assist client in creating a roadmap for technology budgeting and investments.
  4. Make SD-WAN recommendation and deployment options based on vendor evaluations and our clients’ business needs, budget and objectives.