voice and data network

Support your rapidly growing network goals and build a foundation to adopt the latest technologies. Now your firm will be able to easily design and build the platforms necessary for future growth!

Software is the new hardware when addressing networking, so we strive to educate our customers on software application features and functionality with a focus on automation and technology to power every aspect of the customer and employee experience.

Here’s What Our Firm Does:

  • Consult with our Clients and IT professionals to identify business needs & objectives
  • Assess and document existing network infrastructure
  • Create network design checklist to identify potential problems when designing a new network
  • Develop a plan for a network to be aligned with an organization’s IT staff experience & expertise
  • Establish network redundancy, identify network management tools and maintenance specifications
  • Evaluate network needs and design integrated solutions including cloud-based and voice services, e.g. LAN/WAN, VoIP, VPN, MPLS, et al.
  • Research multiple vendors and service providers
    • Access to leading vendor partners’ current information on a wide range of telephony system options, pricing strategies, and actionable market intelligence
  • Make recommendation based on business needs, budget and objectives
    • Vendor neutral recommendation
  • Single point of contact (SPOC) in coordinating and implementing network solution by working with 3rd party vendors and client’s designated IT staff